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Party Fiesta

More than 10,000 different references, costumes, joke items, piñatas, balloons, sweets, streamers… All this and much more is Party Fiesta, where you will also find everything you need for your celebrations, such as plates, napkins or glasses. They also organize parties with performances for birthdays, carnival, Halloween, etc.

Cines Artesiete

Artesiete Fan cinemas have the most avant-garde projection technologies of the moment: the Dolby Atmos sound system and laser projection, which offer the viewer a total immersion experience and make going to the movies on the big screen more than just an entertainment option. Enjoy the best first-run movies in its 8 theaters equipped with individual seats that express maximum comfort.

Dock 39

Dock 39 is a leisure and adventure center with activities for all ages and physical conditions, from preschool children to the oldest ones. There they can climb, climb, jump, dive into a sea of balls or celebrate birthday parties, among other activities. Meanwhile, parents can relax in the cafeteria/restaurant, with visibility to most of the attractions. For more information: 971 59 00 17

Áreas infantiles Sould Park

For years, Sould Park has been a reference in the field of children’s entertainment. For years, Sould Park has been offering children different attractions that have been designed based on their preferences and tastes, adapted to each age range. That is why it has been improving and diversifying its proposals to go a little beyond the parks.