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The latest trends of each season in women’s fashion come together in Nicole, a pioneer brand on the island in presenting a new concept of fashion that is constantly renewed at affordable prices. Casual clothing and accessories for all ages


Superdry, known for the timeless quality of its designs and its avant-garde style, is a premium fashion brand focused on the essence of careful tailoring, the spirit of different cultures and innovation to build a more sustainable future. Signature outerwear styles, refined casual ensembles and bold initiatives, such as the creation of its 100% organic cotton denim line, make this brand a true classic original in the British business landscape.

Cortefiel / Pedro del Hierro

Elegance, quality, comfort and functionality are the characteristics of Cortefiel’s own style, reflected in its fabrics, designs and colors. The Spanish firm, founded in 1945, targets men and women between 35 and 45 years of age, offering renewed comfort through innovative materials and linesPedro del Hierro is a Spanish fashion firm with a long tradition in haute couture in this country. Created by the Madrid designer of the same name in 1974, it joined Cortefiel exclusively in 1989 and has been owned by the Group since 1992. True to its values of style, elegance and quality, it carefully combines the use of color and the delicacy of fabrics, with exclusive and unique designs, offering the customer affordable luxury. The brand’s concept and personality are based on values such as tradition, culture, Spanish history, architecture and art, but above all it remains in the brand’s DNA, the designer’s legacy. A symbol of Spain’s artisanal heritage

Jack & Jones

More than a quarter of a century ago, we set out to conquer the world. We were just a few guys with our first denim collection and an undeniable passion for the world of denim. While the years have left just one of those early guys and a devotion to jeans, our team has grown along the way, welcoming many new members. And yes, we realize that a man’s closet needs more than just a good pair of jeans. That’s why we also offer a wide range of sportswear and urban wear, casual classics, impeccable suits, accessories and footwear. In short, we have everything you need to have your back, stylistically speaking, for any kind of occasion, and that’s why we see ourselves as much more than just a brand. We are a brotherhood, a club, a consolidated community for denim. And in that community we have one goal: “to be there” for our guys. Our universe is free of unforeseen events and disappointments, in fact, we could define it as a way to make every purchase go smoother and in the best possible way. It’s all about great jeans loaded with good vibes. And it is precisely this philosophy that lies behind our brand.


Urban and surf lifestyle is present in each of its designs, both in textile and footwear. Since 1966, the Californian brand has been launching skate shoe models every season that draw from various influences, reinterpretations of other models or collaborations with rock bands or illustrators, setting trends, as it did with the Era or Slip-on models, still present in shoe stores all over the world

Women’s Secret

By provoking emotions or providing solutions, Women’s Secret specializes in the feminine universe. The brand, created by and for women, encompasses everything from homewear to swimwear, as well as accessories, complements and sleepwear


A calm and pleasant atmosphere with the garments as protagonists. This is what the Florencia stores are like, where you can breathe freshness, air, youth and simplicity; the distinctive features of the Mediterranean brand that, since its birth in 2013, has been adapting the latest trends to its style to get all kinds of garments, accessories and accessories (footwear, jewelry, handbags, scarves and others)


Fashion and quality in women’s fashion, plus-size women’s, maternity, men’s and children’s clothing, as well as cosmetics, lingerie and accessories. The key to the success of the Swedish firm is to offer a wide and varied range of items that allows customers to dress according to their own style, with garments and accessories for all occasions


GUESS was born in California in 1981 as a brand specialized in jeans design. Today it is one of the most important international brands, with a markedly sexy style, and with product lines for women and men, accessories and footwear.


Bringing fashion to the street, creating a community that shares much more than a lifestyle. In 1999 and under this premise Kaotiko took its first steps. The seal ‘Made in BCN’ is present from the beginning.

They are committed to local textile production, moving away from the fast fashion concept, with creations designed and produced in Barcelona and its surroundings, giving a more exclusive character to each garment.

They believe that a more sustainable future is possible, so they demand responsible fashion and consumption. Quality is one of their main objectives, so they work daily on it, to bring a plus of exclusivity to each of their garments. In their store you will find the best selection of internationally known brands such as Levi’s, Patagonia, Vans, The North Face, Obey, Lacoste… among others.