ULANKA is a fashion brand with more than 40 years in the footwear retail sector. It is a multi-brand reference in Spain.
Here you can find the latest trends in footwear and accessories for women and men. Trainers, boots, ankle boots, clogs, high heel sandals, flat shoes and much more from the most relevant brands in the footwear industry.
The generations of the future are crying out for more involvement, values, commitment and personality. Brands that sell products have to be brands with values. ULANKA has the capacity to produce anything it wants, from a heel to a shoe to a boot. It has no limits to create products, being even able to take over other categories such as accessories to generate a personalised experience for each target.

In each collection, ULANKA reinvents itself through creativity and connects with its audience, inspiring them to take a step towards the trend and dare to be themselves. A brand that is passionate about each design, that trusts its team and is committed to innovation and differentiation in the market. “An expert, pioneering brand that also connects with people”.

There are already more than 85 ULANKA shops throughout Spain, and visits to them have evolved into a unique space in which new experiences are generated that add value to people. ULANKA is positioned as a creative fashion brand that meets all the needs of the same target, but with different styles, with great collections of footwear and accessories that stand out for their high quality and good price.

Whether you are looking for the perfect footwear to wear on a daily basis, for special occasions such as events or celebrations or for a specific occasion, in the ULANKA shoes and accessories shop you will find a wide selection of footwear. Discover now all the footwear and accessories collections in ULANKA, more than 40 brands including Converse, Vans, New Balance, Hoff, Scalpers, Ecoalf, Puma, Dr.Martens and many more.

The latest trends in fashion and footwear are waiting for you at ULANKA. ULANKA’s brand manifest conveys that: “There is no right or wrong, good or bad, right or wrong decision. The difference makes us unique. Follow your intuition, pursue that idea, that way of feeling, of being, of exploring, of discovering. Follow the path you choose, but do it without fear, without excuses. DON’T STEP BACK”, we are waiting for you!


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