🌟 Welcome to PadThaiWok in the FAN Mallorca shopping center 🌟Located in the heart of the FAN shopping center, PadThaiWok is more than just a restaurant: it is a culinary experience that takes you on a journey of unforgettable flavors. We fuse the richness of traditional Eastern cuisine with contemporary Western touches, creating dishes that are both a visual delight and a treat for the palate. From young to experienced food lovers, our varied menu promises something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for our famous noodles, or prefer a tasty smash burger, PadThaiWok has something for you. What’s more, our friendly staff and contemporary ambience will transport you to the streets of Thailand, ensuring a welcoming and relaxing experience.

Whether you are taking a break from shopping at FAN, organizing a lunch with friends or just looking for a new place to enjoy your favorite food, PadThaiWok at FAN Mallorca is waiting to welcome you. We hope to see you soon and make you part of our family! 🍽️


Floor 1

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971 42 39 97

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