Bringing fashion to the street, creating a community that shares much more than a lifestyle. In 1999 and under this premise Kaotiko took its first steps. The seal ‘Made in BCN’ is present from the beginning.

They are committed to local textile production, moving away from the fast fashion concept, with creations designed and produced in Barcelona and its surroundings, giving a more exclusive character to each garment.

They believe that a more sustainable future is possible, so they demand responsible fashion and consumption. Quality is one of their main objectives, so they work daily on it, to bring a plus of exclusivity to each of their garments. In their store you will find the best selection of internationally known brands such as Levi’s, Patagonia, Vans, The North Face, Obey, Lacoste… among others.


Floor 1

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+34 933 882 069

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