The origin

In 2017, our founders had a clear objective in their minds: to create a firm that would embody that which unites and identifies us, our environment. With the Canary Islands as a starting point and thanks to their travels around the world, they discovered the beauty of accessories and the wide range of colors, materials, trends and cultures from which to draw inspiration for their creations. Thanks to this sum of ideas and experiences, AmaloA was born, a brand that offers an experience that goes far beyond the high quality and style of its products

The name

“AmaloA! Her mother called her while she was playing on the shore of the beach…” We believe that there are moments and memories that mark you forever, and this is one of them. The name of that little girl was the inspiration for the birth of what today is a dream come true. AmaloA, like that little girl, is a warm place to go when you want to treat yourself or give something to a loved one

The mission

AmaloA are special moments and are part of the history of the people who trust us. We are emotional bonds: the first gift for a couple in love, a detail for a mother or a friend that she will never forget, and even that special piece of jewelry that reminds us of a trip. We have reached the heart through that detail that reminds you how important you are to someone. The center of the AmaloA experience is you, and that’s why we want you to feel unique, special and part of our brand

The Place

What started as a project of two people in Tenerife has become a team of fifty young talents, distributed in two logistics centers and ten physical points of sale. Our corners, handcrafted and located in shopping centers or concept stores, are the perfect meeting point for you to discover the world of amaloa. In addition to these spaces, our global point of sale takes on a new dimension, reaching every corner of the planet

The community

During these years, in AmaloA we have been accompanied by many people like you and we have managed to form a great community. On Instagram we are a family where we like to celebrate our successes with you. Our content is full of surprise gifts, giveaways, music and lots of smiles. We love to get to know you and, for that reason, we invite you to participate in our social networks: your opinion is the most important thing. In addition, our events are the perfect opportunity for you to meet our team and our brand ambassadors. We want you to be part of every step we take


Our collections are born from a creative process that is the result of the work of our team, from the design of the product to its communication and sale on our website and physical points of sale. We try, with great care and affection, that the products keep a balance between quality, style and price with which you feel identified

The connection

In AmaloA we don’t understand stereotypes, and that’s why since our beginnings, real people have been the protagonists of our campaigns: from our own customers, our team, to models and influencers. This is part of our magic: we are all AmaloA

Making of

Behind the brand and all our campaigns there is a story to tell. All of them involve our own production, where the whole team coordinates to give the best of ourselves. Each launch is special, and that’s why we have the best professionals to transmit what’s behind each product.


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